Fender 65 twin reverb reissue cracked tooth

Whether you play rock, jazz, country, or whatever, this is what a clean electric guitar sounds like. This i do find in the all tube deville whihc has 3 selections clean, drive and more drive. Save fender super reverb reissue to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. The information contained herein is confidential and proprietary to fender musical instruments corp. Normal channel inputsplugin connection for instruments. Hi there, could someone please explain what is the difference between a 68 custom twin reverb which has a straight blue writing in front on the top ri. Since its debut in 1991, the fender 65 twin reverb reissue has been one of the most popular and highest quality stage amps. The 45watt at 2 ohms super reverb amps medium output and stagefilling sound makes it the perfect amp to crank up for. And who better to recreate faithfully recreate these coveted classic. Below is a 65 blackface twin reverb with its oxford 12t6 speakers. I recently trade my 65 twin ri for the hot rod deville. Ive played the princeton reverb, deluxe reverb, and twin reverb of both the 65 reissue and the 68 custom series. Im considering a new fender twin reverb reissue or the fender twin amp used because fender discontinued them.

When he tapped on v9 it must have shorted internally cause he said he saw sparks in there and the fuse blew. The fender limited edition 65 twin reverb guitar combo amplifier offers 2x12 inch jensen speakers that push 85 watts and a tube driven vibrato and reverb and provides the player with an authentic reproduction of the original twin reverb with. Everything you need to know about fender twin reverb. The fender twin reverb is considered a standard model for players seeking a clean sound, and it is especially known for the quality of its builtin spring reverb. Here we take a look at the largest combo of the trio, the twin reverb. Also with blackface aesthetics, it replaces the old rca design available on previous versions. I looked online and it costs about 1400 new, so im getting about 400 bucks off. Of the amplifiers labeled twin reverb opposed to super twin reverb or twin reverb ii, there are two eras. The fender twin reverb has proved so iconic and popular over the years that fender continues to reissue it.

Fender 65 twin reverb instruction manual pdf download. The 85watt at 4 ohms reissue 65 twin reverb features four 6l6 groove tubes output tubes, four 12ax7 preamp tubes, two 12at7 preamp tubes, two 12 8ohm jensen c12k speakers, dual channels normal and vibrato, fender reverb, vibrato, twobutton reverb and vibrato onoff footswitch, tiltback legs, black textured vinyl covering and silver. Fender forums view topic 65 twin reverb reissue issue. My 68 drip edge silverface twin reverb is far superior to the 65 reissue i own. The 65 twin reverb is an authentic reproduction of the original amp to ride the wild surf, one of the alltime hall of fame amplifiers. This faithful recreation of the legendary blackface super from the 19631968 era is a musthave for vintage enthusiasts and strat guitar slingers, but players of all styles enjoy its shimmering tone. Our thoughts go out to all who are affected by covid19.

I dont know too much about amps, but i am definitely looking for a new one for recording and maybe live as well. I add a tubescreamer or a ds1 pedal to the mix to add the desired level of distortion, and im in tone heaven ive thought about selling the amp several times, but always come to my senses and keep it around. My 2004 65 twin reverb has started to crackle and pop a bit when the reverb is turned up turning it off with the footswitch or keeping the knob turned right down solves the problem, any one got. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of one of the worlds most popular amplifiers, fender is building a limited number of factory special run 65 twin reverb amps complete with two eminence speakers, four usmade groove tubes power tubes, blonde tolex covering, a wheat grille cloth, an amber jewel light and a commemorative badge. Fender 65 reissue designed to sound as close to the original as possible, the 65 reissues are assembled in corona, california and feature jensen speakers one c12k for the deluxe and two c12ks for the twin, four p10rs for the super and one c10r for the princeton, schumacher transformers, traditional tremolo and tubedriven reverb to create. The onboard reverb is so good that some pedals try to clone its sound. So i pulled the trigger on a 65 reissue deluxe reverb today. Period correct appointments and modern reliability complement the classic 85w 2x12 design. Clean as you want it to be, with a fatter tone than the. The 68s are customs, not reissues and fender really confused things by putting the year in the name. The fender blackface twin reverb 65 is the most highly regarded guitar amplifier in the twin reverb line. The twin now had an onboard spring reverb tank and was renamed the twin reverb.

He got a quad of electroharmonix 6l6s and retubed the amp, replaced the fuse and it was playing again. The 85watt at 4 ohms reissue 65 twin reverb features four 6l6 groove tubes output tubes, four 12ax7 preamp tubes, two 12at7 preamp tubes, two 12 8ohm jensen c12k speakers, dual channels normal and vibrato, fender reverb, vibrato, twobutton reverb and vibrato onoff footswitch, tiltback legs, black textured vinyl covering and. This article outlines how to establish the date of manufacture for a fender twin reverb amplifier. Gibson 60s tribute les paul loaded with p90s and a bigsby, black fender coily cable, and the amp, nothing more. Different from the older model, the reissue is built with a printed circuit board and 14 inch footswitch phone jacks.

The twin reverb has been used on thousands of recordings and countless live performances since 1954 when the first version the twin amp appeared on the music scene. So ive been wanting to pick up a 65 reissue twin but after really thinking about it the price is a little high for me and the amp is a bit overkill for my home uses. Amps from the blackface era, which have a black faceplate, were manufactured from 1963 to 1967. He was tapping on the tubes testing for microphonics. This is a bedroom amp in pristine condition, never gigged, never moved. Fender amplifiers are tonal touchstones, heard on the greatest recordings and in the most epic live shows of all time. Unfollow fender twin reverb to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I bought a reissue 65 super reverb a while ago and its a real good amp. Th twin was very clean and loud but i couldnt get any crunch from it.

Bass, middle, treble and yes, volume, all cranked to 10, any volume manipulation. View and download fender 65 twin reverb instruction manual online. I got it from a guy that was pretty hard up for money and let it go in like new condition for 500 dollars. Or add an upsidedown stratocaster guitar and a fuzz box.

Fender limited edition 65 twin reverb guitar combo amplifier. Our 85watt at 4 ohms vintage reissue of the 65 twin reverb. Plugged in my 2 year old 65 deluxe reverb reissue limited edition the wine red one sweetwater sells and the spring reverb barely is audible when reverb control is dimed. Ive not used it for more than 100 hours since purchase. Given the 3 choices you mention i would go for the deluxe. When i do the calculations, using the measured 430 volts at pin 3, and 60% using 30watt tungsol reissue 6l6gc strs i get around 42ma. Get instant access to the worlds best private pro audio classifieds for. Trri 40th anniversary edition discussion in ampage area started by stevesaw, jun 17, 2014. This amp has seen action in every imaginable musical venue and continues its musical legacy today.

Be it rock, blues, country, jazz or anything else, this is what clean electric guitar sounds like. The bias adjustment will only allow me to vary between approx 10ma on the low end to about 36 max on the high end. They stay true much closer than some boutique builders and aficionados would have you believe to that vibe that leo gave off in the 60s. Fender 65 twin reverb reissue blonde oxblood fsr limited edition 85watt 2x12 guitar combo 2015. I run my strat through it to get some great, classic strat tones. It has two channels and two 14 inch inputs for each.

Two transition prototype 1963 twin reverb amps have been found in both brown and blonde tolex covering. Up until a certain year, fender made these amps with a black face and without a master volume knob, and this distinguishes. This amplifier is great for surf and country, as well as being wellknown as a pedal platform. Rebuilds of fender reissue amplifiers saves cost of cabinet and speakers that are generally adequate as is.

Fender 65 twin reverb reissue tube kit dougs tubes. This model features blackface cosmetics and 12 jensen speakers. Just as the other fender amps the twin needs to operate in its sweet spot up to sound sweet. Fender 65 twin reverb reissue blondes have more fun fsr limited edition 85watt 2x12 guitar combo. The first channel is the normal channel with volume, treble and bass knobs and the second is the vibrato channel with settings for volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, and intensity for vibrato.

Disclaimer although it may seem obvious from the title, let me clarify, if youre a fender purist looking for twangy, spanky, reverb soaked squeaky clean tones, youll not find them here. A friend has one of the 65 twin reverb reissues, i think its 1997 vintage. The fender 65 deluxe reverb is a tube based guitar amplifier with 14 inch inputs in the front. After carrying a twin reverb on to the stage, the least you should deserve is to crank the bastard. I need some help, i have a twin reverb 65 ri and i replaced the sovtek blue groove tubes. The new 68 custom series sees fender head back to its early silverface amps and add a few modern twists to the twin reverb, deluxe reverb and princeton reverb. The twin reverb is known for its characteristically clean tone at very high volumes. It sounds lovely, very authentic oldtime sound, with splashy reverb and the vibrato is one of my favorites ive encountered. Fender 65 twin reverb reissue 85watt 2x12 guitar reverb. Looking at a used fender twin reverb 65 reissue gearslutz. Maybe after the reissue has been worked for 45 years it will sound as good. That was the question, and also what is the difference between the. As close as fender could get to their classic blackface tones.

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